A Small Support to all New Writers

2 min readJun 20, 2022


We recently crossed the mark of 100, and we know the struggle. Therefore, we would love to help everyone aiming to cross it.


This is a small announcement post for all the new writers starting fresh and anyone who wants a helping hand to cross the mark of 100. We all want to reach the milestone quickly, and it’s no doubt how much it takes to be there. Just to cut the way short, we thought of making a One-Stop place for all the new writers who want to gain followers instantly.

One attractive point that makes this post different from all others is you do not need to follow us; that’s not at all compulsory. However, it’s highly appreciable if you follow us for our content.

So here are two simple steps to have us,

  1. Just comment if you want us to follow you. It would be great if you could introduce yourself.
  2. Leave Claps on this post (max 50) so that it can be boosted by the algorithm and could reach a broader mass.


  1. Check our content and Follow us only if you like it.
  2. Please leave your thoughts on posts so they can give us room to improve.

Benefits you are getting -

  1. One instant follower; relatively easy and fast.
  2. Commenting on this post opens the path for you to gain exposure to others checking your content and following you.

So it’s a win-win situation for you guys. Don’t feel shy to ask for help; just comment and clap for this post; you are already halfway there to getting your first100.

Lastly, thank our base readers/followers for helping us cross the mark. Support like this is what allows us to keep moving and stay motivated throughout our journey. Thanks again!

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