Unity Keyboard Shortcuts

Here is a list of all the Unity Keyboard shortcuts to enhance your workflow efficiency.

Unity Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts help to expedite the common operations used frequently by reducing the input sequences to a few keystrokes. As the world is advancing towards minimizing the time factor and enhancing production, shortcuts play a major role in this context. This is immensely helpful in improving the efficiency of the workflow while saving time. Not just time but also it gives the ability the user to multitask at the same time.

In Unity, the Shortcut Manager helps you to visualize the most important shortcuts and provide you with the power to assign your own custom key bindings for different operations. You can find the Shortcut Manager from Edit -> Shortcuts.

Check out the Unity Manual for more details on Shortcut Manager.

Here is a list of all the Unity Keyboard Shortcuts to enhance the efficiency of your workflow.

Unity Keyboard Shortcut Chart 1
Unity Keyboard Shortcut Chart 2

Download the Keyboard Shortcuts Chart.

Download the White Print-Friendly Keyboard Shortcuts Chart.

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